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About Latityude

Latityude is an enterprise about mental health and career counselling led by Sonila, a professional with over 18 years+ of experience in various domains across Operations, Training, People Management and Career & Mental Health Counselling. True to the meaning of the word Latitude which is an angle that can range up to 90 degrees north, and down to 90 degrees south from the equator Latityude signifies the freedom of choice to deviate from a normal thought pattern or behaviour. It implies to "be given the space to act and decide for oneself or the freedom in making choices".

A career is something that is not made from just academic performances and qualifications. One should enjoy the work that one is doing. That is possible only when the career or occupation is in sync with one’s skills, strengths and aptitude. The more the career is in sync with our personality, strengths and skills, the higher will be the performance achieved and satisfaction level in the job. This is where Latityude with it’s range of psychometric assessments can help in defining the correct roadmap at an early stage avoiding unnecessary career mishaps.

“After interacting with so many students and professionals I can say that all of us have some hidden talents which we are unaware of until a situation is faced where they are required and only then we discover their existence inside us. If an individual is aware of his/her strengths earlier, then they can be used for their benefit much earlier.” – Sonila

Also in today’s world having only excellent academic background is not it. It is also very essential to have or develop skills like relationship management, social networking, resilience, criticism acceptance, teamwork, self awareness, confidence and many more. Such skills help us stay focused and not loose our mental balance whenever the work puts us under pressure. Achieving the career goal is at times challenging and more like a roller coaster ride for many.

Our mental health is as important as our physical health!

At Latityude we strive to work out a right angle for EQ (Emotional Quotient) and PQ (Professional Quotient) of life!

Latityude’s sole goal is it to guide, empower and educate as many individuals as possible in finding a workable solutions to their problems by gaining an insight into themselves, their skills, strengths, abilities, aptitude and their potential. Higher the reach, higher the goal attainment for Latityude!

About Ms. Sonila Mishra

Ms. Sonila Mishra is a certified Global Career Counsellor from UCLA Extension and Univariety. She also holds an International Diploma in mental health counselling skills and is a member of World Federation for Mental Health. She has counselled more than 2000 professionals, college & school students in some of the best schools across north & south India.

Ms. Sonila Mishra brings with her the experience of working with two of India’s largest online counselling platforms. She has guided and counselled individuals ranging from pre-high-school students to fresh colleges/ university pass outs preparing for their first career break, to senior managers and professionals in various fields of profession.

Her expertise and experience in making assessments, organizing workshops and advising a career road map helps a candidate in achieving his/her professional goals.

Adding up to her impressive professional graph, Ms. Sonila’s passion for Career Counselling is so that it has helped her find her passion towards creativity too. Being a technology professional herself, she used her competency to literate and empower the artisans in remote areas across India so that they could reach their customers without much hassle. “This has not only helped me pursue my passion towards creativity and society, but has also enlightened me about different kinds of human behaviour and the factors that influence such behaviours.” – Ms. Sonila Mishra, Founder of Latityude.