• Ms. Shefali
    Parent of Avani

    As a parent we were too apprehensive about the career of our child. We have one son and one daughter. Son is elder and has decided his career in teaching and at present doing Ph. D. in Mathematics from Stanford. Our younger daughter was having difficulty in choosing her career. We and our parents believed that she should pursue either medical or engineering as a career. Our daughter was not interested in either of the two. She was insisting for some other career other than these too. We decided after a long discussion within the family to go for career counselling. Though schools are organizing such session regularly, but we were not satisfied.

    We searched for a career counsellor and through one of my relatives came in contact of Ms. Sonila, founder of Latityude. With the help of reports of assessments and a couple of face to face sessions she helped me to identify and understand that my daughter’s personality and interests were different from my son’s and we figured that a career in Design will be best for her. Avani is also happy! We knew that our daughter was more interested in drawing painting and other aesthetic things and was regularly taking part in school magazine and logo competition but we never knew about Design as a career!
    Avani took her exams in designing and was selected at NIFT Bengaluru. She is now pursuing B.Des in AD from NIFT Bengaluru. And is enjoying the branch in which she has interest. We are happy for her. We also learnt that a career counsellor is required for taking such important decision at some point of life.

  • Avani Chaturvedi

    Hi, I am Avani a student of NIFT Bengaluru. I was interested in Art and Designing since my childhood. Though had taken PCM in eleventh and twelfth as I was asked to do engineering but I wanted to be a designer. I had a lot of problems in deciding. I was clueless about what are the job opportunities and how will I proceed further after doing B.Des so my parents decided to talk to a career counsellor. I along with my parents consulted Ms. Sonila. After a couple of guidance sessions and psychometric assessments not only I had better insight about my strengths and skills but felt more confident about my decision to pursue Designing as a career. The interaction was very good and we had more clarity about my career course path. I am thankful to her for helping me choose my career.

  • S.K.
    A parent from KSA

    The worst nightmare for parents living in KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) is sending their kids abroad for higher studies. Like most parents we also faced the same problem…. one kid very focussed and the other had no clue as to what he liked or wanted to do? We were planning to send our son to some university in Malaysia for studies in commerce as the atmosphere there is very similar to KSA. One of my friends suggested that consulting a career counsellor maybe helpful. In KSA there were none for Indian. Talking to Sonila eased all my tension. After her counseling I realized that I was going to make a great mistake had I enrolled my son for studies in commerce. Sonila made us understand his personality type and identify his strengths. We also understood that siblings can be different in their skills, behaviour and learning styles.

    My son has now completed his bachelors in Mass Communication & Journalism from Amity Noida and is now pursuing his Master’s from ACJ Chennai. Before completing his bachelors, my son who was never serious about anything, had made up his mind about doing masters from ACJ. Thanks to Sonila for her great and timely advice. Happy for my son who is now pursuing something he loves and finds very interesting and has become goal oriented in life.

  • AP

    a world, where education has become a business than being an extension of knowledge, me and my daughter had an awesome experience with Sonila. Thank you

  • LM

    It was a crossroad challenge for me to make a choice between the two prominent fields of science – PCM and PCB. While giving the tests on Latityude I did not face any kind of confusion. All my doubts were cleared and the scope of self-doubt was diminished instantly to zero. I would like to thank Latityude for eliminating the existing dilemma by providing unbiased reports of the tests subsequently conducted online.

  • Student
    - February 2020****

    It was an excellent experience.... I got to understand many of my personality attributes which I had never focused upon.

  • Student
    – May 2020 ****

    All the sessions conducted by ma'am were extremely fun and interactive. These sessions helped me get to know myself better and gave me a clearer picture about my future which earlier I was really confused about. It was perfect for me.

  • Student
    – June 2020

    It helped in creating a clear vision for my career path and helping me view all aspects in this. Also, the tests helped me to know my strong and weak areas. After this nothing else would be required as clarity about my career path has been achieved.