Why Counselling

Why Counselling

"Most of us take information from peers, friends, relatives and internet. And most of the times this information is not complete or not fully correct. It may also vary based on personal perception and experience.” – Ms. Sonila Mishra

Sources like internet and media overflow with information which often tends to be confusing or not exactly relevant to our requirement. Often it may mislead us from taking the best decision that suits our requirement.

In cases like these, a counsellor plays a major role. A trained professional is better informed and will be able to guide parents and students with the right methods to obtain relevant information and take correct decision. A Career Counsellor guides the students in choosing the most suitable majors, best fit colleges or universities and helps in drawing a complete holistic picture on how to pick the right career path.

A counsellor can help you recognize your personality type, skills and strengths.

A career is something that is not made from just academic performances and qualifications. To have a successful career it is important to discover and understand one’s skills, strengths and aptitude as they play major role throughout your career. Once these are clear career can always be steered towards success. One is sure to perform much better in a career that is aligned to his personality type, skill and strength.

A qualified and experienced career counsellor not only helps in taking the right step towards a brighter future, but also helps in the personal, professional and social development of an individual.